Thursday, 4 July 2013

A big model update!

I finally finished some more models! With August fast approaching, i have dug deep to get my 'core' 30 marines finished. I now have 10 Tactical, 10 Assault and 10 Devastator guys completed who will form the backbone of my army. 

Claw Leader Krell Azos bears the red hands of shame. A mark of the condemned whose life is forfeit when the Primarch decides.

To back these guys up, i've finished my Centurion Moritat, armed with trusty matched plasma pistols, and a pair of Rapier platforms to provide some serious anti-Land Raider punch to the force. 

 Next up is some Skyhunter Jetbikes and a Centurion mounted the same to give me some speed and mobile anti-infantry firepower!

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