Thursday, 31 January 2013

End of month 1! Tactical Squad Ankaran ready to deploy

So children, we come to it now, the end of month 1! My first troops choice, a Legion Tactical Squad, designated as Tactical squad Ankaran, Third Claw of the 7th Company, VIII Legio Astartes. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so i've got enough pictures for a short novel...

I think ive got the colour scheme nailed down now. I particularly enjoyed painting the lightning bolts on the armour plates. The astute among you might notice that the Legion symbol has not yet been added, but that shoulder pad is currently just blu-tacked in place for appearance until Forge World inevitably release some awesome sculpted shoulder pads. The skin on the sergeants face isn't as smooth as i would have liked, but again, i'll put it down to experience and this will improve over time.

And, just to finish off this post, a WIP taste of February's selection, my HQ choice, a Legion Praetor.

Meet 7th Captain Zar Thane, VIII Legio Astartes:


  1. Wow mate they look amazing ill be posting mine up later

  2. These are looking the business Jim. They look suitably...midnight! The bases are looking good too, nice contrast which sets off your marines. Love it! Can't wait to get all our armies together for first time. Gonna be amazeballs.