Tuesday, 8 January 2013

From the ashes comes the salamanders.

 just a update on how i'm going to paint my fellow brothers of the salamanders legion.

How i did the green was very simple i wanted a dirty armor look about them, just to show they were assembled of the production line.

Applied Waaagh Green, then washed badah black, so the wash will give it a dirty look and also shade the model too.

For the flames on the shoulder pad with the old fountain yellow, then after that mixed together 3:1 ratio to Mephiston, then on the tips put mephiston.

All i have to do is apply the snow, but going to wait till the other 4 chaps are done which should be by the end of next week touch wood.

So feel free to comment on these advice will always be greatly accepted.

Dave out


  1. Looking good mate can't wait to see are armies painted and set up on a gaming table

  2. Nice start Dave. Particularly like the flames... gonna look great when get the unit together. You waiting for us to mess our bases up first so u don't make same mistakes lol!