Tuesday, 1 January 2013

‎"So.... it has begin! Let us fall from the skies, with a vengeance, and purge these traitors, with flame!"

Well its the New Year, me and 3 other friends are going to start the journey in Horus Hersey over the next 12 months. 

The side i have chosen are the Salamanders! Reason for choosing them, is due to there willing of fighting on, even though it is hope less, and getting up close and personal to use there flamer to purge the unclean and traitors to the true! emperor.

When Forge World released Betrayal Part 1 one had to get it straight away, so will be looking forward to the future releases that Forge World got hold which will be exciting!

For my First January purchase:

5 Mk VI Corvus Armour.
Salamander Shoulder Pads.

Idea of the force will be focusing around Armoured Spearhead, the sheer thought of having loads of tanks, just diving into the thick of battle.

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