Sunday, 13 January 2013

To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor

Update 2 of my Imperial Fists.

I decided to keep it a mustardy yellow colour.

Following on from my last update I started to high light the yellow by adding Ushabti Bone to Averland Sunset until it almost became a 1-1 mix.

I once again used Seraphim Sepia but as a very thin wash.

The final stage of the yellow i gave it a glaze wash of Lamenters Yellow all thats now left is the weathering and damage which will be done at the end.

I then painted all the areas that are not yellow back to black being careful to not go over the yellow.

I then decided to paint the gold which was done by giving it a base coat of Rhinox Hide and Ghenna's Gold 1-1 which was then given a wash of Rhinox hide and Nuln Oil 1-1.


  1. I am loving this mate. The yellow looks really great! Its no easy task to hit the mark but you have nailed it. Is the gold finished or are you going to highlight it further?

  2. Thanks mate was very nervous about painting yellow. There is more to do to the gold my next update will be on sunday I'm going to make it a weekly update.