Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Month One Troops Choice: 7th Company, Third Claw

So, it begins! I have started out with a solid troops choice, 10 Legion Tactical Marines and their Rhino transport. I've gone with a powerfist on the sarge as i always like a little something that can deal with dreadnoughts or other vehicles in combat, or threaten any characters that come too close with a taste of instant death!

I've gone for mkIV armour in the majority for my force as it looks smart, and reasonably streamlined which suits the Night Lords style. Plus the assault marines look ace!

Currently the Legion symbol shoulder pads are blu-tacked in place. I had thought about moulding my own Night Lords pads from a metal chaos one, but the quality isnt great, so i'll keep them smooth for now until Forge World (eventually....) release some nice sculpted ones.

So, without further ado, i introduce the Third Claw of 7th Company, VIII Legion Astartes.

 Some poor unfortunate soul has 'donated' his hand to the Rhino
 Trophies and terror markings:
 Third Claw:

 And now to get painting!!

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  1. Love the little Details on the Rhino cant wait to see it painted